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About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is an emerging finance centre offering investment companies in a tax-free/low-tax environment together with strict laws that protect client confidentiality.  Gibraltar is a regulated jurisdiction, operating internationally recognised anti money laundering and OECD conventions and has enacted legislation with regard to the allowance of regulated and unregulated collective investment schemes.

Gibraltar is a self-governing territory with its own elected government.  It enacts laws independently of the United Kingdom and maintains an independent tax status.  Gibraltar is a member of the European Union by virtue of Article 227, paragraph 4 of the Treaty of Rome, which states that the provisions of the Treaty "apply to the European territories for whose external relations a member state is responsible".  Gibraltar is treated as member of the European Union as part of the United Kingdom’s membership.

Gibraltar has no capital gains tax, VAT, inheritance tax or wealth tax. Gibraltar has no exchange controls and unrestricted currency facilities.  Individuals and companies may hold and operate bank accounts in any currency and may purchase real and personal property anywhere in the world.  Collective investment schemes (funds) are exempt from tax in relation to their investment income.

Gibraltar has its own legal system, which is based on English Common and Statute Law, with variations introduced by local statutes termed ‘Acts’.  There is a Supreme Court and a Court of Appeal.  The local legal profession comprises mostly UK trained barristers and solicitors.  The local accounting profession comprises mostly of UK trained Chartered or Certified Accountants represented by the Gibraltar Society of Chartered and Certified Accountancy Bodies.  Statutory Auditors must be approved by and registered with the Auditors Registration Board, this board consisting of the Financial Services Commissioner and his appointees.  Investment managers and fund administrators are licensed and regulated by Gibraltar’s Financial Services Commission (‘FSC’).

Financial regulation was established in 1989 by the creation of the FSC to provide strong investor protection in relation to the Financial Services Sector.  Gibraltar enjoys a reputation of being a well regulated financial centre.